What's New

Release History

2.1.09 - 02/12/2006

  • In the View tab, a new prompt has been added before a document is moved to the recycle bin. Before this fix, when a document is dragged to another folder that already has a document with the same name, the old document was sent to the recycle bin.
  • Fixes a problem in the View tab when a file is renamed to the same name but a different case. Previously, this would cause loss of data. With this fix, the file is correctly renamed.
  • Fixes a problem with the Fix Broken Links option in the Paper Valet™ Pro Database Rebuild & Repair Tool.
  • Fixes a problem with the WIA transfers using some scanners.
  • Added file-based transfer option for WIA scanning.
  • Paper Valet™ Pro will no longer display invalid dates in the Search tab.

2.1.08 - 01/16/2006

  • Paper Valet™ Pro now has support for the OCR engines: OmniPage Pro 14 and OmniPage Pro 15.
  • Fixes a problem with the installer. In the previous version, shortcuts from the Start Menu start the MSI mini-setup every time they are used.
  • In the View tab, when you temporarily change the My Papers™ directory to another path it now retains this setting when you switch away from the View tab.

2.1.07 - 01/07/2006

  • Fixes a problem with thePaper Valet™ Pro database connection string. Previously, if the path to the database file contained an apostrophe, then the connection would fail.
  • Fixes a reverse-image problem with some scanner drivers.
  • Added menu option to copy document fields from the View tab to the Scan tab.
  • When items are added to a batch that already exist, you will now be prompted to overwrite instead of just sending the existing copy to the recycle bin.
  • Fixes a defect with WIA setting the page size. Previously, the page size setting was ignored by some scanners.

2.1.06 - 11/10/2005

  • Added 600 DPI scanning option.
  • Fixed a problem with the Paper Valet™ Pro Database Rebuild & Repair Tool. The tool was looking at the wrong registry entry which determined the location of the My Papers™ directory.

2.1.05 - 11/08/2005

  • Brother MFC users now have an extra option to choose whether or not the automatic document feeder will be used. This option only appears for Brother scanners. (Brother scanners do not return the document feeder status, so it must be set manually with this option.)
  • Added duplex scanning option to Paper Valet™ Pro.
  • Added option to play a tone after a batch scan completes.
  • Added option to customize the following field names in Paper Valet™ Pro: account name, account number, invoice number, and notes.

2.1.04 - 10/09/2005

  • Fixed a problem with saving the My Papers™ directory.

2.1.03 - 10/04/2005

  • Fixed a problem with inverse colors on an Epson scanner in batch mode.
  • Fixed a problem scanning with the Brother MFC-9700 scanner.
  • Added collate pages option to the 'Append pages from a file' command.
  • Fixed a problem that caused an error on Windows® NT 4.0 systems: 'The procedure entry point SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailW could not be located in the dynamic link library SETUPAPI.dll.'
  • By user request, added mouse wheel scrolling to change the date field.
  • Paper Valet™ Pro released.

2.1.02 - 07/17/2005

  • Added option to enable JPEG compression for color and black and white TIFF files. Also added option to choose JPEG quality. (Registered version only)
  • Sped up the View tab. Previously, it took much longer to switch to the View tab if there were a large number of files in the My Papers™ directory.

2.1.01 - 07/16/2005

  • Added JPEG compression to color PDF files. Previously, ZIP compression was used. (Registered version only)
  • Fixes a problem with color images sometimes showing up with blue and red colors switched.
  • Added option to disable prompt to load document feeder.

2.1 - 07/14/2005

  • Added WIA (Windows® Image Acquisition) scanning interface. WIA is the new Microsoft standard used for communicating with scanners. WIA drivers are generally more stable and have less interoperability problems. Brother Industries MFC users should use WIA instead of TWAIN.
  • Added PDF file format support. (Registered version only.)
  • Added new Registration dialog so that users don't need to install a different registered version of the software when upgrading from the evaluation version.
  • A number of PDF related options have been added to the Settings... dialog.
  • The Settings... dialog has been redesigned using a Netscape like Preferences dialog instead of the tabbed style due to the number of options.
  • Added more variables to the post processing facility allowing the use of more document attributes.
  • Added Prompt to collate pages after appending pages preference.
  • When upgrading, you are no longer required to manually uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. The installer will automatically uninstall the previous version. Also, previous settings are maintained when you install the new version.
  • Added checking for invalid path characters to the invoice number field.
  • Added option to exclude the invoice number field from the document name.

2.0.05 - 03/01/2005

  • Fixed a problem with the move up and move down buttons in the batch scan dialog.
  • Fixed a problem in Settings.../Image Viewer with the external image viewer edit box. Previously long path names showed up as garbage.
  • By user request, added a post processing facility. After a document is scanned, the post processing program will be executed and pass in the file name of the scanned document. See the help file for usage information.

2.0.04 - 04/12/2004

  • By user request, added the ability to change the page size. A new tab has been added to the Settings... dialog. Previously, only the default size (usually letter) was scanned.
  • By user request, added 'Append set number of pages...' option under the Append button.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented multi-page scanning from working correctly on some scanners.
  • Previously when a page was appended or multiple pages were scanned, the main window would go behind other windows. This has been corrected.

2.0.03 - 01/27/2004

  • Added a logging mechanism and options to help diagnose scanning problems.
  • Fixed a problem with the Brother Industries MFC model scanner and some other scanners.
  • Added F6 shortcut key to switch between tabs.
  • Fixed a problem with the 'Scan set number of pages' feature. Previously, if this option was used with a scanner with a document feeder and the platen was used instead of the feeder, only the first page was scanned and the document was not saved correctly.

2.0.02 - 08/18/2003

  • Fixed a problem with the print feature of the image viewer that caused some HP printers to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the scanner to stop working after scanning one or two pages.
  • Added Save... and Open... buttons to the Edit Batch Job dialog that lets you save and load your batch jobs.

2.0.01 - 08/10/2003

  • Added support for Windows® 98 (Gold Edition).
  • In this version, if there is a document feeder present and it is not loaded. Paper Valet™ will now prompt to load the feeder before reverting to the flat bed.
  • Fixed a problem with batch scanning in the registered version. Previously, pages were not correctly appended if scanned documents were more than one page.
  • Reintroduced the Check for Update button, which was temporarily removed due to web site problems.
  • Added a helpful one-time message to the evaluation version that lets ADF scanner users know about the registered version's document feeder capabilities.

2.0 - 08/04/2003

  • Added support for batch processing, including: the Add to Batch... button, Edit batch job, and Scan batch job menu items.
  • Added preferences for: Prompt for the number of pages when adding to a batch job, Clear the invoice number field after each scan, and Clear the notes field after each scan.
  • Added image viewer setting: External image viewer.
  • Added ability to temporarily change the bills directory of the View tab to let you browse a CD or other directory.
  • Added an indicator at the bottom of the View tab to show the number of documents and the amount of space taken up.
  • Append existing image files to a document.  Image files can be TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or WMF.
  • Added "Scan using TWAIN user interface..." option to the Scan New... button.
  • Support for the one-touch scan button on some scanners.
  • Documentation update.
  • Separated the install into two: Windows® XP, and Windows® 98/ME/NT/2000.  The Windows® XP installer is smaller because many of the redistributable components do not need to be included.
  • New improvedPaper Valet™ web site at http://www.chocksettsoftware.com; Integrated the new web site into the application.
  • Fixed "Unable to move the file" error in the view tab, even though the file actually was moved.
  • Fixed a problem with black and white documents scanned using MicroTek PageWiz and ScanMaker scanners.

1.1.16 - 11/22/2002

  • Fixed a problem with Scan Append on Windows® 98 SE and Windows® ME. Previously, this feature did not work correctly on these platforms.

1.1.15 - 11/02/2002

  • Added option to not show the document as it is scanned. This option increases scanning performance on old or slow computers.
  • By user request, changed the View tab so that it automatically expands the current item when you switch from the Scan tab.
  • Fixed the mnemonic key for the Scan Append button. Previously, pressing Alt-A had no effect.
  • By user request, added all document types to the View tab. When a file type other than TIFF is clicked, the default viewer is used to display the file. Previously, file types other than TIFF were hidden.
  • Fixed a problem with using the prepend account number filing option with complex directory structures.

1.1.14 - 10/26/2002

  • Added a new option to replace the TWAIN progress indicator with one built into Paper Valet.™  Using thePaper Valet™ progress indicator will fix buggy TWAIN drivers that freezePaper Valet™ after scanning or causePaper Valet™ to crash after pressing the TWAIN progress indicator Cancel button.

1.1.13 - 10/15/2002

  • Fixed a problem with document feeder scanning using the HP Scanjet 5470.
  • Fixed a Windows® 98 SE compatibility problem with the new installer.

1.1.12 - 10/06/2002

  • Fixed a problem with document feeder scanning using the HP OfficeJet v40 all-in-one printer/scanner/fax.
  • By user request, added a delete document feature to the right-button menu of the view tab which sends a file to the recycle bin.
  • The account name list is now refreshed when you switch from the View tab to the Scan tab.  When you use Explorer from the View tab to modify the directory structure, you no longer have to restartPaper Valet™ to see the changes in the Scan tab.

1.1.11 - 09/22/2002

  • New improved installer with a smaller footprint.

1.1.10 - 09/18/2002

  • Added a tutorial to show how to setup account names, adjust settings, and scan bills.
  • Added a Tip of the Day feature.

1.1.09 - 09/14/2002

  • By user request, limited the file types that are displayed in the View tab to TIFF files.

1.1.07 - 09/10/2002

  • Added a Check for Upgrade button to the AboutBox.
  • By user request, added a notes field that allows a brief comment to be embedded in the TIFF file. Notes are displayed in the integrated image viewer window.
  • Added new preference settings that allow the invoice number field and/or the notes field to be hidden.
  • Updated help to include the new features.

1.1.06 - 09/06/2002

  • Fixed a bug in the View tab, previously it did not update after a new document was added.

1.1.05 - 09/01/2002

  • Added Windows® 98 SE compatibility.

1.1.04 - 08/24/2002

  • Added an auto-scroll feature to the explorer window in the View tab so that you can drag and drop documents to folders that are not visible.
  • By user request, added a help button to the main screen.
  • Several minor bugs fixed, including a sorting problem in the View tab.

1.1.03 - 08/22/2002

  • By user request, added file-handling support on the View tab. From the View tab, you can rename documents and drag and drop them to other folders.
  • By user request, added additional filing option of word separator character.
  • Several minor bugs fixed, including a problem when 0 is used for the inter-page timeout of Scan set number of pages dialog.
  • Updated help to include the new features.

1.1.02 - 08/19/2002

  • Added the Windows® XP style theme for controls when running on the Windows® XP platform.
  • By user request, added a menu button for Scan New with 3 options: Scan a new document, Scan set number of pages, and Rescan the last page.

1.1.01 - 08/18/2002

  • By user request, added these settings to make filing scans more flexible: location of My Bills directory, date format, ability to include the account name and account number in the document name.
  • By user request, added these scan settings: ability to enable the TWAIN user interface, ability to set the page collation direction.
  • Several bugs fixed dealing with the document feeder.

1.1 - 08/13/2002

  • The GDI+ TIFF codec is now used for image compression and decompression.
  • Removed the dependency on Imaging for Windows®. This was done because Windows® XP does not come bundled with this software.
  • Added the integrated image viewer. This viewer includes the ability to browse document pages, change zoom levels, print, and open the document in an external image viewer.
  • New improved installer.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • Informational tooltips over buttons, the image viewer window, and the explorer view.
  • Updated the online help files.
  • The registered version includes support for scanner document feeders.

1.0 - 07/31/2002

  • Initial product release.

1.1.08 - 09/12/2002

  • Added enhanced error reporting.